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Vogel Properties actively seeks out and acquires properties which offer opportunities for appreciation through experienced, aggressive property management and capital improvements in SE Kansas, NW Arkansas, and SW Missouri. Our experience has proven that maintaining focus, not only on the present value of a property but also on the potential value, is fundamental to success.

In addition to acquiring company-owned sites, Vogel Properties also provides acquisition services to clients seeking real estate for specifically-defined target markets. Our acquisition team excels at recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities for our clients by analyzing market-specific trends in sales and leasing transactions, monitoring economic indicators, and forecasting the future needs in each market.  Additionally we evaluate property that is surplus to our client's business needs and implement strategies to maximize returns upon disposal.

Vogel Properties extensive experience in project management and site roll out enables us to provide our client's with superior due diligence and advocacy services. Our strength in negotiating purchase terms allows us to eliminate unfavorable conditions for our clients while we manage the escrow process.

Vogel Properties takes pride in our ability to see through the maze of issues that can affect property transactions. Our ability to troubleshoot and anticipate problems before they arise sets Vogel Properties apart in the market place.

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